Ep 8: Chain and sprockets part 2

Missed part 1 of Chain and Sprockets? Click here. With the old chain taken off and consigned to the trash, Trent and Pete remove and examine the old sprockets, install the new ones and rivet the fresh chain in place on Pete’s KTM 950 Adventure.

Along the way, Trent discusses correct chain tension, the different ways a front sprocket may be attached to the countershaft, and why you should NEVER use a worn sprocket with a new chain – at least not if you want the chain to last.

Pete talks about how changing the sprocket ratio – in his case, the number of teeth on the front sprocket – has improved his bike’s driveability. There’s an interesting aside, too, on the possible negative consequences of going for a smaller front sprocket.

Smaller bikes usually have a chain that is joined by master link. This link can be removed at any time by simply flicking off a clip. But larger bikes have the link riveted in place to make sure it can’t fall out. Many of us probably leave this to the bike shop – but as you’ll find out in this episode, it can be done fairly easily in your own garage.

In the last episode, Trent talked about the shark’s-fin wear that results on sprocket teeth as a chain and sprockets wear out. You can see it for yourself this time around.

Adjusting chain tension varies from bike to bike, both in the amount of tension and the mechanism involved, but Trent has some general tips.

– Waz

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12 thoughts on “Ep 8: Chain and sprockets part 2

  1. Hey, nice series, but leave the chain on until you losen the front sprocket nut. Just put on the rear brake and have at it!…….An Air Impact wrench is your friend for that front sprocket.

  2. Just want to say thanks for a great resource. I replaced my O-ring chain myself yesterday. Even though I do all my work myself (including valve adjustments), I have always paid to have chains put on due to not having the special chain tools and just thinking O-ring chains were mysterious (haha) and difficult to do right. After putting the chain on yesterday I was shaking my head that I have been paying someone else to do this for the last 10 years.


  3. Thanks for the great series. Watching you put on the chain and sprocket relieved any worries of changing my chain and sprocket on my V-Strom. If it only bloody warmed up, i’d be in the garage changing it now!!

  4. Great site guys, this just inspired me to do my own chain/sprockets on my SLR650, just re-checking for the last bit of fixing the joiner in. Keep up the great work, thanks!

  5. I have watch the full series that you boys have done and thanks for a great series. After watching the 2 part series on chains and sprockets, I now see how easy it can be done. No mystery when the “pros” show you how. Please keep up the great work.

  6. Just found this website today!!

    Brilliant video and very well explained by the mechanic. I was going to hand my bike into a garage but now I’m going to attempt this myself!

    Cheers guys!


  7. Dee, great stuff, thanks for the feedback. Watch both episodes and you’ll learn quite a bit from the ever-informative Trent. Make sure to flatten the link pins properly so that it stays in place. Some of them are hollowed out, which makes it easier.

  8. Would just like to add my thanks as well. Some really useful information in these videos, articulately conveyed in a really chilled and friendly manner. It worked for me, and as a total novice I now intend to tackle the various other jobs you cover. Cheers guys.

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