Ep 1: Bikes, Blokes and Beer

A new show featuring four motorcycle adventurers who get their hands dirty fixing their bikes. If you liked Long Way Down, you’ll learn something on Garage Night – watch these world tourers work on every aspect of their machines and let their stories inspire your own two-wheeled travels.

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7 thoughts on “Ep 1: Bikes, Blokes and Beer

  1. Nice show – not just BS stories or incomprehensible wrenching jargon. The fact that everyone’s had extensive riding experience and are comfortable with each other is a pleasant bonus as there is no one-upmanship.

    Good luck on the upcoming episodes.

  2. Great idea. Thoroughly enjoyed watching and picking up some hints and ideas.
    Hope you take all the criticism and suggestions, and there will be many, in the spirit that they are given.
    I’m sure everyone who watches will want you guys to keep going with it and improve along the way.
    Sounds like you guys are mainly Aussies and/or Kiwis.
    Trust the expats to come up with a terrific idea.

  3. I cruised on over here from advrider.com. Great to watch! I’m just getting into bikes and wrenching, so it’s good to see such a variety of projects going on.

    I have a question about the KTM front end swap for the F650 GS. Are you having custom triple trees made for the conversion? Do you expect there to be any serious geometry changes as a result of the swap? If so, how were you planning on dealing with it?

    Keep up the good work!

  4. Hi Guys, great series. Came across it on the Harley Rider’s Website as a reference to fitting and adjusting steering head bearings. I like your style – mainly because of the absence of bullshit, over-technical bollox and testosterone that you often see on bike related sites.

    Keep it up – I’m looking forward to seeing more episodes!


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