We have removed our forum for now

G’day Garage Night TV watchers. Just a quick note to say we’re taking down the forum for the moment, just to simplify the site.

It’s still easy to get in touch and discuss bike fixing stuff. Just post a comment on an episode, or if you want to pick our brains you can email garage@garagenight.tv

– Waz

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4 thoughts on “We have removed our forum for now

  1. Looks an interesting bike Charlie. Have fun with it and stick to your goals whatever the naysayers might think! One thing I’d suggest: when painting the engine and any aluminium surfaces, remove old paint completely and use ACID ETCH PRIMER first. I stress that you have to get the old paint off – otherwise the etch primer will bubble it. If it’s not possible to remove all old paint, then use a good regular primer. But etch primer sticks better. And choose a good lacquer that is petrol-proof AS WELL AS brake/clutch fluid proof. Two-pack (2K) is often best but yellows with heat, which shows up when used over a colour (not a problem if you’re putting it over black). 2K is dangerous and you need breathing protection. Heat-resistant engine enamel might also be worth a try but I have no experience with it. Waz

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