The garage door creaks open …

Pete on the Salar de Uyuni, BoliviaSo here it is – is up and running. We have been toiling away shooting video, editing, getting our overalls monogrammed (they look trick!), and of course constructing the web site. In the meantime there are motorbikes and parts thereof lying dismantled or in various states of repair all over the garage waiting for spokes, paint, engine repairs, MOT certificates …

Pete is well ahead so far on getting his nifty red overalls filthy. To look at them you’d think he had been rolling around on the garage floor in all the muck. He’s been putting in long hours cleaning up and repairing his KTM950 after his recent trip through South America. He had an amazing time, but we’re glad to have him back in town.

My beast – a Cagiva Elefant 750 – is back on the road for the moment, though I’m really hating the front suspension and CAN NOT WAIT to get my inverted fork upgrade in place. It was going to be a straightforward, quick bolt-on, but as you will see in future episodes, we have since decided to completely dismantle and refurbish the front wheel …

Richard’s no. 2 BMW is taking shape, while the no.1 bike – the one he rode to Singapore – sits in the corner awaiting some customisation.

Trent – the backbone of the show, since in a previous life he was a bona fide motorbike mechanic, and spent two years riding with his wife Jacqui from London to New Zealand – is really busy with other stuff, but is still finding time to supervise our weekly sessions of tool abuse. Trent’s patient, clear explanations are making for very good footage, so you can look forward to hearing (and seeing) plenty from someone who actually knows what he’s talking about.

Our silent partner, Phil, is dealing with the reams of MiniDV footage we have produced so far. We hope to cut down on the workload by honing our camera skills … we promise, Phil!

Right then, time to get back to work on the site.

Keep watching and reading,


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